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Fake it until you Make it

Presenting your home to guests can be an afterthought to some or prepping for days cleaning up around the house. As for my family of five, including three kids, it's a constant game of picking up trails of books, toys, papers, crayons, clothes, you name it but when presenting to a buyer or taking marketing photos things can't just be thrown into a room to hide. So I suggest a few tips to "fake it until you make it."

First things first, organize what is out on display. Consider putting things away to declutter a space, this includes almost everything on your kitchen counter and depersonalizing by tucking away those family photos if looking to sell your home. It's incredible what 10 minutes can do just walking around the house fluffing up pillows, folding and straightening. Doing this will make the space appear clean even if you do have built up dust on the floors.

Secondly, design or decor. We all should be saving up for the big priced furniture items but in the mean time let's buy what makes a space, well you, or at least the you you are right now. I'll start by saying thrifting is almost always the way to go even when searching for small items like vases and coffee table books. Who wants to drop money on items that you will most likely switch out, or in my case, eventually get a page ripped out from a toddler?

Too intimidated by thrifting or just don't have the time to search around? TJ Maxx, H&M Home, Zara Home and of course Target are great resources for decorating your entry way, side table or anywhere you need a little something to make it feel like home. Be careful to not over crowd with too many pretty accessories though, I repeat, Do Not Over Crowd With Accessories. We want to see your lovely counters, furniture items and accent rugs as well.

Next I want share some hacks that can elevate a space by not making cheap looking mistakes, even if it is cheap. Number one hack, Ikea! I know I know it's got a bad rep but use it wisely, here's how: Updating hardware can instantly elevate an inexpensive cabinet or nightstand, plug in light sconces, custom built in closet system and easily change out hangers so they all match. A small investment can go a long way.

Another way to create a luxurious look is to reposition your curtain rods and/or buy new to change the scale of a room. Huh? Just put it over the window and call it a day, well this can make a room appear smaller and who wants that? Hang the curtain rod about half a foot above the window frame and six to eight inches out on either end.

Now, big mistake when buying furniture, staging a home or just accumulating furniture items over the years is, ill-fitting furniture. I'm talking overstuffed sofas and undersized rugs. When looking at any home I'm paying attention to the scale of all the elements in the room. The aim is to layer furniture of varying heights so the silhouette resembles a city skyline, with both high and low accents, to lead the eye around the room.

Photo by Jessica Alexander

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