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Natural Elements

Bringing in organic details will help make a space feel grounded, along with placements of tones and other factors but this is any easy start for your home. This can apply to any style design from industrial modern to farmhouse boho. To begin pick a few stems and place in something that works for your space. See example below. Make this a big piece in a room or simply put on your shelf/mantel.

Next step could be bringing in interesting chairs to your kitchen. Caning is a material that has become iconic thanks to the classic bistro chairs as shown below and have probably seen across the internet. The first chairs with bent wood back and Vienna straw seat were produced from the mid-nineteenth century. Today, this element can be found on stool seats, cabinet doors, lampshades, and beyond. This is a beautiful material that allows light to filter through it and immediately lends itself to a light and airy vibe. When used in lighting fixtures, it creates a beautiful dappled lighting effect.

Antiques! Ah, they don't make em' like they use to, unless you pay a pretty penny. Those precious hand me downs or steals from the store can make such an impact in a space. Most of the time the deep stain or tacky paint color need to go though to show you its true beauty. Re-purposing a piece and making minor alterations can also put it to good use, think bathroom vanity or kitchen island.

Raw wood materials warm up any space that would otherwise be sterile. Giving a balance between clean modern edges and rustic touches. This can also mean bringing in stones with rough cut edges or restoring those aged leather lounge chairs you saw at the thrift store. I believe nature should help guide the choices in your home as you walk through each room.


Credits to "MyDomaine" and Amber Lewis

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