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New Decade in the Bedroom

We all start our days and end our days in the bedroom. Our personal space to unwind and settle into slumber. I'm seeing for the coming decade that more and more people are going to give the time to appreciate themselves. In turn, this is bringing light back into our place of rest and solitude, not blue light from our screens but the sense of oasis. The bedroom is becoming a focused room to feel most relaxed. Personally, I have neglected the design in my bedroom. Leaving it bare or disordered with things like laundry or paperwork that need to be done. My favorite plants and pictures on display in the living areas for everyone else who enters my home. Until recently I have started to clear out furniture in our room that didn't make me feel good and have brought out special memories like books or quirky knick-knacks. The bedroom is a place where your own unique design self should come out. This can mean incorporating a bold color in the drapes or artwork that isn't throughout the house, it can also be your only neutral palette to think freely. Whatever direction you lean towards make it a primary part of who you are in your home and take control of at least this aspect of your life. Having my kids finally in their beds asleep and my husband shutting down the house gives me my time to take a breath before we cozy up to reflect on our day. Make every piece integrate into your lifestyle. If you have the space, add two chairs to transition on. I love to add multiple choices of lighting in a bedroom rather that be for a reading nook, bedside table or sconces. When designing a new build or renovating it's always a treasure to have a fireplace within the bedroom. Utilize every inch of this exclusive place

for practicality but also for serenity.

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