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Prepare and Sell Your Home

With anything in life, a little extra effort can go a long way. You've finally decided to put your home on the market and your real estate agent is ready to take those pictures that will hopefully be posted EVERYWHERE a buyer could be looking. Before that next step, take a moment to present your property like you would present yourself before a big meeting. Obviously you'd remove those dirty dishes but take it further and maybe remove that carpet in the bathroom hiding the stunning tile. You want to show off what you got and by taking away clutter or distractions this will open up the buyers eyes to the details they are ultimately purchasing.

1. Clear the shelves: Think light and airy but still inviting by keeping candles, books, a small ornament here and there.

2. Position the Furniture: Make a room feel bigger or showcase that big room by moving the furniture in a way that doesn't close off the space. This could require removing some extra side tables or centering the bed to the wall with headboard facing the entrance.

3. Natural Lighting: Tear down those heavy curtains, move that piece of furniture in front of the window. Whatever it takes, we want that room to be bright!

4. Keep it Simple: Do you have a giant duvet? Simplify by just tucking in some sheets, throw a few pillows on the bed and call it a day.

5. Pops of Color: Have fun and make a space inviting! Put a orange pillow in that reading nook, buy a dramatic vase and display that colorful knickknack I told you to hide earlier. Remember this is YOUR home but just fine tuning it to appeal to its next owner.

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